Top 10 cryptos to buy for 2018

  1. Rai Blocks(XRB) — In its simplicity, it currently works beautifully. If it can continue to scale with no fees and maintain the quick tx times, it WILL be a top 5-10 market cap coin by end of year. This is the new litecoin/DASH/original Bitcoin spiritual successor. Very few things have seen the growth that XRB has this year. The only things holding it back are some questions on security, and the need for idiot-proof mobile wallets with good UI for widespread use and adoption.
  2. Ethereum(ETH) — A strong foundation in place for dApps. With the influx of money, dApps are likely to continue to grow in 2018. Ether also is quickly becoming the preferred all-purpose crypto for exchange sites. They are also the current platform for many popular erc20 tokens going into 2018 such as REQ. Even if other dApp platforms take off, ETH looks like a strong contender to try and remain decentralized and innovative with its approaches to the technology.
  3. Stellar Lumens (XLM) — When people realize this is essentially a slightly more decentralized version of ripple with half the circulating supply and an IBM backing, it will take off. Huge focus on micropayments and quick tx times.
  4. Bitcoin(BTC) — Bitcoin is a giant question mark. They clearly have the name recognition and “old guard” status, but their fate relies on being able to reduce their high tx fee and times. Plans are in place, but there are strong arguments for both sides of why this may or may not work considering the emerging tech. Regardless, worth investing a portion of a portfolio in due to its store of value status , being able to acquire practically every alt coin out there, and being the most notable crypto in existence.
  5. Request Network(REQ) — Despite its current run, REQ has one of the strongest roadmaps for 2018. Their actual product is quite simple and yet desirable, as the world as quickly needing an efficient method to transact both crypto and fiat through a trusted source. The ambition comes from their vision to implement this as effectively as paypal. Support from YCombinator and other strong sources will guarantee this is a finished product that could be one of the first to break crypto into the mainstream for mobile and retail purchases
  6. Neo (NEO) — Dubbed the “Ethereum” of China, it’s clear Neo is the frontrunner for dApps in the East going into 2018. China presents a semi-closed off market, and Neo has the most connections and foundation in place. I am bullish af on dApps as you can tell. Deep Brain Chain was one of Neo’s first and it is already taking off. I feel like Neo is highly undervalued at the moment and one of the surest bets to see a steady price increase throughout 2018.
  7. Walton (WTC) /VeChain (VEN) — take your pick, both focused on RFID integration with blockchain. One of the most practical approaches to applying tech to the business world. Currently undervalued!
  8. ICON (ICX) — another great platform to invest in that has the backdoor to a closed market (Korea). This would have likely risen in price even higher than it did earlier in December if their Main net release wasn’t delayed until January. They are the frontrunner to be the best dApp platform for South Korea
  9. Enigma (ENG) — with blockchains actually being adopted by businesses and institutions, enigma has the current most versatile program for privatizing data on any blockchain. A year of growth would make them look very undervalued right now if we are to be bullish as a whole on crypto in 2018. I think this is much more promising than the current slew of privacy currencies which will likely maintain their value or only slightly rise.
  10. Dogecoin (DOGE) — because 1 doge will always = 1 doge, and if the entire market crashes, you will want your money in this. Trust me.

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