James Jordan Confesses To Ups And Downs In His 18-Year Relationship With Ola

Wednesday morning of Lorraine revealed about the 18-year relationship of James Jordan with his wife Ola. James Jordan said;

“Life isn’t all smooth sailing – we have had ups and downs”.

James and Ola are in their 15th year of marriage and they have been in a relationship for 18 years. Speaking about their relationship, he said: Life isn’t all smooth sailing.

During their 18 years of relationship, he said: We have had ups and downs, from when we met and started training, Ola struggling in Poland.’

Ola spoke about her troubles in Poland and said these troubles made her what she is today. She said; “When I was young I would have to queue for meat, milk and bread at four in the morning. ‘When you would hear meat was coming to a shop everyone would leave the house and get in line late at night to get it — and then you would share it out as a family.’

Being with James she said; ‘We lived in a big apartment block just outside Warsaw. It was 11 floors and grey looking with old lifts. My husband James and I went back to visit and he was like: “Oh my God I can’t imagine how you lived!”‘

Ola also said: “It’s not all beautiful and sometimes you can look at people’s posts on Instagram and Facebook and you think, oh they’ve got perfect lives, but it’s not like that”

“No one gets perfect marriage life, its a work in progress and if two people want to be together, they’ll make it happen,” said by Ola.

Sometimes you are going through hard times and you need support of your other half and it’s not all pretty and perfect that people seem to think.

James told Lorraine: ‘It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s sexual. Sometimes it does go that way. People talk about the Strictly curse and I can understand why people think that. But in any walk of life, like I have friends that work in big office blocks with lots of people, and they’ve said it’s rife in their offices as well. ‘It just happens in all walks of life.

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